(1)Huaan: the core concept of "learning, innovation, harmony, integrity, tree brand"

(2)Huaan spirit: "two," willing to offer "three", "4", "50%"

The "two Xian": refers to the career devotion, cause and contribution.

The "three to": to strength and energy, to the small family, to individuals and small organizations.

The "four self": self management, self control, self realization, self transcendence.

The "Five": that is something to do, director of effectiveness, work, achievement goals, entrepreneurship must be successful.

(3)Hua management concept: "two principles" and "two oriented" and "three breakthrough", "three", "3 sexes", "three concepts", "three practice", "four construction", "four responsible for", "four open"

The "two principles": development principles and performance principle;

The development of "the principle of" market principles;

The "performance" principle: performance, performance, company performance person;

Effect, effect, efficiency, benefit;

The "two oriented": goal oriented, result oriented;

The "three breakthrough": market share, brand recognition, breakthrough breakthrough enterprise value and the individual value of breakthrough;

The "three": the responsibility, procedure, institution;

The "three": market, times, fashion

The "three concepts": the concept of team concept, the concept of school, family;

The "three approach": fine management, exquisite products, sincere service;

The "four building": (real estate) project construction, team construction, system construction, cultural construction (system);

The "four responsible":

Is responsible for themselves, to their words and deeds, responsible for family and friends;

The enterprise responsible, fulfill their duties, to assume responsibility for their own, so that enterprises in the healthy development of space;

Responsible for the state is to actively take the initiative to pay taxes;

To be responsible for the society is to for the social relief of the poor and needy, helping to do some useful things, we cultivate the staff of sentiment, to enhance the enterprise culture.

The "four open": thought, open market liberalization, liberalization, liberalization of income rights.

The work principle of Huaan: to give priority to, doing is, in the calculation of dry, dry and in the development of;

The Huaan principles: do people with benevolence, the wise man can succeed and. To have Dazhiruoyu, virtuous character to have Hyphalosaurus in yuan, to the standby time of belief, a soaring dinosaurs, pointing Jiangshan mind, down-to-earth, the blue sky overhead, mind far slightly, eyes on the target, pointing Jiangshan mental state.

The working principle of the people of Huaan: a warm, a passion, responsibility, and create the future.

Huaan: the selection principles, rules, competent will do.

The Huaan customer service principle: the customer is responsible for myself, and responsible for the results.


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